Arcade Fire: The Suburbs | CD review | Music | The Guardian

"In 1998, Q magazine invited readers to vote for the 100 Best Albums of All Time. Twelve years on, the results offer an unwittingly hilarious glimpse into a lost world, where Ocean Colour Scene's Moseley Shoals was deemed superior to Exile on Main Street and Blood on the Tracks, Supergrass's In It for the Money comfortably outstrips The Velvet Underground Featuring Nico, and Otis Blue and What's Going On cannot hope to match the solid-gold soul classic that was All Change by Cast. If nothing else, it highlights the way some albums' reputations decline dramatically after a period of reflection. Written by the winners, rock history is packed with albums that gradually developed a patina of greatness with time – not least The Velvet Underground Featuring Nico, which was ignored on release, but would one day be deemed almost as good as Supergrass' second album. But it leaves out the once-lauded albums whose importance seems to wane."

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