Belle & Sebastian - A Note From Stuart

"A Note From Stuart Wed 11th Aug - 2010

The new record is called Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.

While I was doing the art, I got Kim from the ace Glasgow band, Zoey Van Goey, to write this in chalk in a few secluded spots in Glasgow and I took her picture. If you haven't already, you can see her on the�splash page.

What I was thinking is that it would be fun if some of you tried the same thing, and either filmed yourself doing it, or got someone to take a picture (it would be good to see you with your work!). You can then upload them to our Flickr group�here for everyone to see (you will need to sign up to Flickr if not already a member and join the group).

We'll choose some of the most scenic, artistic and elaborate ones and present the best submissions with a trophy of some sort!

To sum up, I'd like to see pictures or footage of you writing either Belle and Sebastian Write About Love or Write About Love�in secret or public places, in the town you live in.

Post them here and remember to use chalk or at least something non-permanent!

11 August 2010"


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